The Riders

  • Johnny Cronje

    Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

    Johnny has been riding for over 5 years, mainly Mountain Unicycling and Trials. In 2009, he won the South African Downhill Mountain Unicycling and the South African Trials Championships held at the AmaOneTya Convention in November. Whilst Downhill is his passion, he also rides (bicycling) Cross-Country races, competing on an ungeared 29er unicycle. After obtaining his 36er, he competed in the largest organized cycle race in the world, the Pick and Pay Argus Cycle Tour, held in March in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Donna Kisogloo

    Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

    Donna has been riding for over 5 years. Since relocating to Cape Town in October 2009 unicycling became the central focus of her life. With her humble experience on a unicycle, she has become more confidant on a 24" for mountain and a 26" for cross-country.

  • Alan Read

    Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

    Alan has been riding for more than 6 years. He learned to ride at his local juggling club to add to his circus skills. After seeing his first Mountain Unicycle, he was sold on the idea and due to lack of availability in South Africa, started OddWheel Unicycles. OddWheel has slowly grown and is helping to develop the unicycle scene in South Africa.

The Route

The route will follow the Freedom Challenge Trail, which is an A to B type trail of approximately 2,400km in length.

The trail meanders through mountains and valleys, vast flat expanses, deserts and tropics, open roads, single-track, gravel road (in varying states of disrepair), dual track, nature reserves, private property, and a few tiny stretches of tarmac.



Johnny Cronje

Donna Kisogloo

Alan Read

Started: November 27, 2010

Finished: January 11, 2011


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